Southbound’s first ten days

So I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in these last days since Southbound came out reflecting on the experience of having a book out in the world.  First of all….the feeling of knowing people are reading a book I wrote is pretty overwhelming.  So far the reception has been almost universally positive which is quite nice and quite strange as well.  It’s a little odd hearing people’s reactions and opinions on something you wrote, even when it’s good.  But the response has been so nice and people have been very kind.  I think Southbound will be something that builds and grows and hopefully people will pass it on to friends if they do enjoy it.  And of course some people will hate it, but I suppose some people hated To Kill a Mockingbird for pete’s sake!

One of the definite highlights was having the book rise to the #1 spot in Horse Racing books on the first day it was out.  I think the book at one point even got to #2,600 overall in all books on the rankings, which out of like 10 million books seems pretty damn good!

Another highlight is seeing people post pictures on social media of the book arriving at their homes.  Some complete strangers messaging me to show me they got the book.  I mean, how cool is that?

The best part was undoubtedly my mom calling me after getting the book.  She’s starting reading it and I’m sure it’s probably a little strange for her.  She did however read the acknowledgment section.  She called me and told me “that was the nicest thing anyone’s every said or written to me in my life.  My main goal in my life was to be a good mother to you guys and I’m so proud of you both.”

It’s the best review I’ll ever get 🙂

Mom holding Southbound

Mom holding Southbound

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