Horse Racing… the year 2025

I had the good fortune of my great uncle, Martin McFly Sr. stopping by with his 1984 DeLorean the other day, and while we were driving to the Huey Lewis concert, he told me “Hey you want to see the future?”  I said yeah!  So Uncle Marty jacked it up to 88mph and next thing you know….we’re in the year 2025!  Uncle Marty kept wanting to show me who was president, how cars can fly and how his sneakers tie themselves….but I wanted to know what was happening in horse racing.  So I checked it out.  Man…there were some changes over the years, but here are some things happening in Horse Racing in the year 2025.

–Stronach bought Hawthorne and created the  5 million dollar Illinois Derby, with it’s own point system! No CDI tracks were awarded points.

–Larry Collmus now calls every race in the United States.

–The DRF folded up shop, but the good news is now TMZ provides wall to wall racing coverage.  There was a story on the front of the TMZ Racing page the day we were there of Kent Desormeaux coming out of court for a HWI…..Hoverboarding While Intoxicated.

–The horses formed a union.  They call it Horses Association of North America (HANA) and they now receive 3% of purse money that they can use for carrots, extra hay, new shoes or their retirement.  Costs were passed along to the bettors via takeout increase to which the former HANA objects.

–Christian Hellmers wins the DRF NHC contest but is promptly arrested when during his check presentation, he sprayed essential oils over himself instead of champagne.  The oils had banned substances that weren’t purchased at the onsite horseplayer pharmacy in the hotel racebook, which was something the NTRA installed in 2018.

–Trakus installs computer chips in every vet’s skin to track where they’ve at while at the track. Asmussen remains winning at 30%.

–After another slots expansion, Parx Racing shrinks oval to 3 furlongs and local horse players are forced to sit in their cars to watch live racing in one of 14 parking spots that back up to the rail.  Parking charge is $15.

–John Conte grows first gray hair

–Calvin Borel wins his 6th Kentucky Derby and jumps off the horse 10 yards after the wire during his whip pumping celebration. Gets up and rides the 13th race at Churchill that day.

–D. Wayne Lukas wins the Kentucky Derby again and wheels the winner back to run in the Peter Pan Stakes as a tune up for the Preakness.

–Bob Baffert wins the Breeders’ Cup Classic and still carries 17 year old Bode in his arms in the win picture. Bode yells Baba-Booey while dad is being interviewed.



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