Some Twitter To-Do’s in real life!

I think twitter is overall pretty fun.  It’s a great way to meet and contact people you never otherwise would never meet or know.  Many of the people I interact with the most, I’ve never met face to face or even talked to on the phone.  Many people have different careers or interests and I think it would be cool to do the following activities with some of these folks from twitter.  Check them out if you’re on twitter, they are good folks!

I want to go to Los Alamitos with @losponies

Jose Contreras or as he’s known @losponies has a passion for horse racing that’s pretty darn infectious.  I will be the first to admit that I often like to leave horse racing at work and get away from it when I’m home and on my couch watching baseball.  But @losponies is talking racing 24/7 and is at the track it seems five days a week.  So I want to go hang out at Los Alamitos with @losponies.  I want to go visit the guys from the Quarters on TVG and do a segment, then go sit in the paddock and talk QH Racing.  Then go up to the Vessels Club where we meet @mrslosponies, @tony_pk4 and @thelosaledge and have dinner and watch the races.

I want to have beers at Hawthorne with the Chicago twitter folks

There’s a great group of twitters in and around the Chicago area and I think it would be fun to have beers with them while watching racing at Hawthorne.  I don’t even drink and I want to have beers with them.  Now why not Arlington you say?  I don’t know why….Arlington seems more like the kind of place I’d bring a girl I like and try to impress her cause I know @johngdooley.  I’d call up @zweber, @rogueclown, @laoncamps and a few others and we’d sit and handicap and have fun and eat pizza.  If we’re lucky we’d get @striblove to drive down!

Hang out with @bombsawaybob at 3am East Coast time and play Australia races

I see @bombsawaybob playing races that are late on the west coast…and dude lives on the east coast!  I picture him in a tiny little room, lights down low and like 8 ADW’s open on different computers and TVG on the TV.  And when he gets snapped off at the wire he can’t yell because his wife and kids are asleep.  I just want to watch one of the handicapping/betting legends of twitter at work.

Watch a Habs/Leafs Game 7 with @barbaro1420

So this guy Josh @barbaro1420 is liable to fly off the handle at any time, which makes his twitter account all the more entertaining.  Whether it’s annoying liberals, championing takeout increases or telling Boston Bruin fans they’re worse than Al-Queda.  But if I wanted to hang out with Josh at any moment…it would be a game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Habs and Leafs.  I think it would be beyond entertaining, educational, and potentially homicidal.  Sounds like a winning night for me!

Sit and watch The Breeders’ Cup with @NjDerek

I feel like instead of handicapping we’d spent the entire broadcast mocking 95% of the people on the television and send out a litany of slightly above average funny tweets with one or two gems in there!


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