Belmont Prop Odds

With the Belmont Stakes, similar to The Super Bowl…you can bet on just about anything.  Here are some of the crazy bets people can make tomorrow and their corresponding odds.

Steve Coburn cries before the race is even won  12/1

Steve’s an emotional man which is part of his charm, but usually his tears have been reserved for after the horse makes his big move and wins.  However with all the history on the line and with him wearing a nasal strip, there’s more chance allergens can get into his system and cause pre-mature welling.

Bob Costas will lecture on gun violence 8/1

This was actually 15/1 going into the week but with the recent tragic shooting in my hometown of Seattle, the odds of Costas using his soap box to make a poorly timed political statement are plummeting faster than his cheek bones pre surgery.

Cal Chrome let’s it all hang out in the paddock 3/5

Based strictly on past performances, Cal Chrome letting his dong swing freely in the New York air should be almost as guaranteed as him winning tomorrow.  He’s done it in the Preakness and the Kentucky Derby and I think it’s pure intimidation on his part.  He’s like that old dude at the gym who walks around showing what he’s got…not because he wants attention for it…because he can.

Ken Ramsey walks the winning horse into the winner’s circle 6/1

Even though he doesn’t have a horse in the race, it’s entirely possible that Ken Ramsey will run down to the winner’s circle and bowl over the winning owners and grab the winning horse by the lead rope and walk him into the winner’s circle.  The odds of this happening will go down if he doesn’t win an undercard race, because I don’t know if his ego will allow for not getting in at least one picture.

Todd Pletcher will show emotion 25/1

Since he has two horses in the race, one is 20/1 and one is 30/1…we split the difference.  If Todd’s horses aren’t in contention at the eighth pole the odds of him moving any limb or facial muscle are really low.  But if he wins, and it’s New York….we should expect at least a fist pump and a handshake…which counts as emotion.

Churchill Downs gets some kind of bad publicity  4/5

I don’t know how it can happen, but it’s almost assured to happen.


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