Connecting through art

I’m really bummed out that Robin Williams died.  Like seriously bummed.  I used to be one of those people who would always be jaded when someone famous died and think “oh it’s just an actor” or “oh it’s just a musician, you didn’t even know the person.” Then Layne Staley died.   I was in the basement of my friends house practicing with my band when our “bass player” Ryan Reed came down and said Layne Staley died.  I drove around in my car all night that night listening to his music.  I listened to his songs the day my dad died.  I listened to his songs after my dad died and they pulled emotions and tears out of me that needed to come out.  I listened to his songs the night I lost my virginity (I’m a romantic what can I say).  I listened to his songs during almost every part of my adult life, both good and bad.  That’s why I cry when a stranger leaves the earth.  He wasn’t a stranger.  We were bonded.  Through voice and lyrics and pain and happiness.

I can’t tell you how many times my sister and I have quoted Mrs. Doubtfire lines to each other.  I think of my sister and I often will think of that movie, or a hundred different early 90’s shows or movies.  My sister is one of the most important people in my life, and so much of our bond is through the various art that we enjoyed.  And yes, Just the Ten Of Us counts as art.  It is really hard to make somebody laugh, let alone millions of people.  And to do it over and over again.  I rely on laughter to connect with people.  I’m not a comedian or anything like that, but fewer things make me feel more connected with someone than when I can make them laugh or when they make me laugh.

This scene.  It fucking kills me.  How many of us have carried around weight for something that wasn’t our fault, thinking the whole time it was.  We connect with art.  It breaks us.  At our core.  But it helps put us back together.

I had the great pleasure to meet a writer last year whose books absolutely touched my heart.  She said hello, we hugged and I didn’t want to let go.  I’ve seen people meet this person and go to tears within 2 seconds of meeting her.  She’s not a celebrity or some religious figure.  She’s someone who opened up her wounds to us so we could all heal together.

Sports can be art. Why do you think so many people love horse racing?  Cause of Pick 5’s with low takeout duh!  Well that, and what fucking poetry those animals put out in front of us each day.  Is there anything more pure than a horse running?

Anyways, I love so many people.  You all break my heart in the best possible way.


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