Goodbye Chazz

Received the news today that my favorite Portland radio host is hitting the road.  Heading for greener and more liberal pastures down in San Francisco.  Chad Doing has been a host here in Portland since I came to town in 2008 and he’s been a big part of my life in some ways.  I first met Chad when he ran the board for Gavin Dawson on The Morning Sports Page show that I would go on to promote events at Portland Meadows.  Chad was famous as “Chad in Portland” for calling into Jim Rome’s show and he was also nicknamed “The Body” because of his former bodybuilding career, which i’m convinced was more of a joke cause he probably weighs 150 soaking wet.  When Gavin left for Dallas, Texas, Chad stepped up into the big seat and hosted the morning show for years.  I remember sitting in the studio with him and watching him pound coffee after coffee, the lack of sleep quite apparent in his eyes.  Staying up til 10:30 to watch the end of the Blazers game and then having to be on air again at 6am to talk about it seemed a crazy schedule.  He had several co-hosts, all of whom eventually went onto different ventures.  Chad moved to the afternoons a year or more ago and basically did the same show, just in the afternoon and with a normal sleep pattern.

But that is just his resume.

Let me tell you why Chad is special to me and many listeners here in Portland.  He was an open book on the air.  I think Chad used radio as his form of therapy.  Chad shared personal stories of his life all the time on the show and wore his heart on his sleeve, and THAT’S why we listened.  I’m sure his analysis of Blazer defense or his thoughts on the NFL Free Agency market were good.  But to be honest, I never really cared about that stuff.  But I’ll never forget the times he shared about his own gambling addiction.  About wanting to attempt suicide.  About his relationship with his Dad, or his Nana in Oklahoma.  Or about his son Isaac.  Or about his daughter.  Or about anything in his life.  That’s what I”ll remember and I’m sure what most people in Portland will remember about Chad.  He was one of us.  He was a fan.  He was a person.  He just happened to have a microphone in front of him.

I was fortunate to go on with Chad this past spring and have a very good conversation about our gambling addictions and my book Southbound.  I think we both just put it all out there.  And both he and I got a number of responses telling us “I needed to hear that today”.  Here’s a link to that interview.

One of my favorite parts of getting to be on Chad’s show was getting to talk to listeners out in the real world about it.  EVERY time I was on his show someone or multiple people would say they heard it.  And almost all of them would ask “Chad sure seems like a good dude.  Is he cool off the air?”  The best part was I could answer seriously by saying “He’s exactly the same.  Only difference between Chad on air and Chad in person is a little red light is on.”

I’m really happy for him because I’m glad to see hard work paying off.  He gets to go broadcast in the #4 market in the country for radio.  I’ve seen Chad up at 6am on Saturdays to host special shows out at the track, the convention center or a myriad of different places.  Doing listener events at dive bars and events with a handful of people showing up.  Doing events where hundreds showed up.  San Francisco is getting a really good dude and a good talk show host.  I’ll be listening.  God Bless the Internet.

Thanks Chazz for “Being a Blessing”

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