Breeders’ Cup fashion for horseplayers

With the Breeders’ Cup coming up I figured it was important to do a Breeders’ Cup fashion blog post, because apparently fashion is important at these horse racing events.  To be honest, I could give a rats ass about fashion at anytime, but….since it’s the BC…I figured I’d write a Breeders’ Cup Fashion article for regular folks.  Those of us who don’t want to wear a suit or tie or big dress and hat.  Those of us who prefer a table or bench down on the rail rather than up in the Turf Club or the Press Box.  Here are some keys to Breeders’ Cup fashion.

Collared Shirt

Now even though we’re not dressing up for the BC, the collared shirt is a staple for a horseplayer.  It should not be new, in fact, it should be a few years old.  It’s always a bonus if it has a logo from a hotel or racetrack on the left chest side, just so everyone knows you got it on that one trip you took in 2008.  Another handy aspect of the collared shirt is that some of them come with a pocket on the breast for your cigarette pack.  This way your smokes don’t get smushed and are available for easy access.  Another key aspect of the collared shirt is that it allows for proper breathing for your chest hair, which should be flowing well out of the shirt and into the room.  Also this will help expose your necklace that is surely not real gold.

Collared shirt is a must

Collared shirt is a must

The Hat

Now on BC day, lots of people will be wearing hats.  The ladies will be wearing big hats and most of the hipster douche’s will be sporting a fedora.  But we horseplayers go with a ball cap.  And not just any ballcap.  It’s not a baseball team logo or anything like that.  Generally it’s a casino/hotel hat.  Always button up, never fitted.  It’s usually from a tournament you finished in the top ten in like twelve years ago at the Peppermill in Reno.  The word “Nevada” will be on at least 30% of the hats you’ll see at the BC.  Sample hat below:

Perfect Horseplayer Hat

Perfect Horseplayer Hat

Staying at home?

So many of us watch and play the races from home thanks to the wonderful ADW technology available to all of us.  Well…if that’s the case, then it doesn’t matter what you wear.  I mean look at this guy, he’s the happiest guy in the world right now!

This will be me during the 50 minute wait to the Classic

This will be me during the 50 minute wait to the Classic

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