Travis Stone

Today I got the thrill of listening to my friend Travis Stone call the Kentucky Derby.  Pretty cool to see someone I’ve been privileged to call a friend get a chance to shine on the biggest stage and knock it out of the park. He sounded like he’d been calling the race for 20 years.  He’s worked his butt off to become an elite announcer and each opportunity he’s been given he’s risen above expectations (IMO) and i’m just tickled that he nailed the Derby call.  I always joke that he’s had to carry the banner for the 2006 Announcer Pledge class and he’s done the class pretty proud.  I think i’m the only other member of the class and I’ve certainly held us back if anything 🙂

I always say I like when good things happen to good people.   And Travis is legit good people.  Couldn’t be happier for my friend.

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