Goodnight, Travel Well

The Unknown Distance to the Great Beyond
Stares back at my grieving frame,
To cast my shadow by the holy sun,
My spirit moans with a sacred pain,
And it’s Quiet now,
The Universe is standing still.

There’s I can say. ┬áThere’s nothing we can do now.

All that stands between the souls release,
This temporary flesh and bone.
We know that it’s over now.
I feel my faded mind begins to roam.

Everytime you fall,
And everytime you try,
Every foolish dream,
And Every compromise,
Every word you spoke,
And everything you said,
Everything you left me, Rambles in my head

There’s Nothing I can say,
There’s nothing I can do now

Stay don’t leave,
the stars can wait for your sign,
Don’t signal now.

Goodnight.  Travel Well.