Beemies Press Conference 12/3

Opening Statement:

Well we’re just 26 hours to showtime as I type this.  The finishing touches are being applied after months (hours) of preparation.  The Beemie Awards really started out as a boy with a dream.  To bring the world of horse racing twitter together.  364 days a year we bitch and moan and complain and yell at each other about jockeys, owners, takeout, Baffert, and everything else.

But that’s all corporate awards speak.  In all seriousness, my goal with doing it was just to have some fun.  And last year we had a blast.  And I hope that this year we have as much fun.  I hope for a couple hours we can all drop our egos and just have some laughs.  The most fun part of the Beemie Awards isn’t what I do.  It’s all the debate and joke cracking and stuff the audience does.  The intent will not be to alienate or pick on people.  Almost everyone who is nominated for an award or who is the “butt” of a joke are people I have respect for and know can take a joke.  What I don’t want is for it to be mean spirited.  There will be some button pushing but it really is done in fun and not in malice.  I really hope that’s the spirit that permeates from it.

Horse Racing can rip your heart out as we’ve seen today.  It’s ripped my heart out several times.  Six months ago I would have told you I’d never watch another race again in my life.  But I’m a sick degenerate and love it and so do you.  So let’s have a great time tomorrow night!