Beemie Award for Best Industry Fight that almost was–Andy Serling and Marcus Hersh!

Best Industry fight that almost was—Andy Serling and Marcus Hersh!

This one was so close. It had all the makings of a great twitter fight. You had two very opinionated guys, top guys in their respective fields, and both known to occasionally get a little chippy.

Now I’m a self admitted big Andy Serling Fan. So when I saw him make this subtle jab at Marcus Hersh I ran to get my popcorn and watch it unfold.


The fans were lined up and ready to watch



They started to go, but ultimately it just never became. It was kind of like Mayweather/Pacquio. All the build up, but in the end just didn’t quite go over the top. Some folks did think there was a winner.



But ultimately we can just hope that in 2016 this one comes to a head and we get to watch the showdown we all want. Serling/Hersh 2!!