Beemie Award for best photo to photoshop–Liam Benson

Favorite Photo to Photoshop—Liam Benson

It was August 9th. Trainer Liam Benson (@liamdbenson) was sending out first time starter Expected Ruler. A long shot, Expected Ruler burst through down on the rail and got up for the win. But HOLD ALL TICKETS. The stewards had to take a look at it. The biggest win of young Liam’s career was hanging in the balance. And photographer Bill Denver of Equiphoto took one of the best shots of the year. Liam agonizing waiting for the decision.



However, me being the juvenile that I am, it looked to me like Liam had to take a poop.   And I realized that with this photo, you can put Liam in so many fun situations. So Congrats to Liam (and Bill Denver) on the most favorite photo to Photoshop of the year! Here are some examples!





Beemie Award for Best Industry Fight that almost was–Andy Serling and Marcus Hersh!

Best Industry fight that almost was—Andy Serling and Marcus Hersh!

This one was so close. It had all the makings of a great twitter fight. You had two very opinionated guys, top guys in their respective fields, and both known to occasionally get a little chippy.

Now I’m a self admitted big Andy Serling Fan. So when I saw him make this subtle jab at Marcus Hersh I ran to get my popcorn and watch it unfold.


The fans were lined up and ready to watch



They started to go, but ultimately it just never became. It was kind of like Mayweather/Pacquio. All the build up, but in the end just didn’t quite go over the top. Some folks did think there was a winner.



But ultimately we can just hope that in 2016 this one comes to a head and we get to watch the showdown we all want. Serling/Hersh 2!!

Beemie Award for Most Likely to RT–Bailey Gallison!

Most likely to Retweet you—Bailey Gallison

Bailey (@starting_gate), how can you not love Bailey. She loves racing and the racing community and works hard to make it better each and every day. And if you need a RT, there’s nobody you can count on more to spread the word than Bailey. She’ll RT news, photos, rants, gofundme’s, you name it, Bailey will RT it. In fact a scroll through Bailey’s timeline just yesterday featured 832 RT’s and just 2 tweets of her own.

Keep spreading the word Bailey and congrats on your Beemie for Most likely to RT you. (You better RT this)


Beemie Award for Best Hair–Marty McGee

Best Hair—Marty McGee

There are some very good looking folks in the racing twittersphere. And there are some great hairdos. But in my opinion, few in 2015, or ever, have had a better hair year than Marty McGee of the Daily Racing Form. Blonde, feathered, and flowing, Marty’s hair is a timeless reminder of the 80’s and today.   Even in the elements outside it maintains it’s bounce and layers.



In fact Marty’s hair is even said to be the influence for one of the best coiffed characters in recent cinema, White Goodman



Congrats Marty!

Best Reply of the Year!–Julian Leparoux

Best Reply— Julian Leparoux!

Adam Hickman is known for his, let’s say constructive criticisms of jockeys, trainers, tracks, announcers, humans.



On August 13th of 2015, he was doing his usual stuff when he decided to let jockey Julian Leparoux know what he thought of his ride on Silverpocketsfull.   Now Julian gets his fair share of criticism from twitter handicappers and like most riders, some is probably deserved, most probably isn’t. But on that hot summer day, Julian had enough. And he came back to Hickman with the best reply of 2015. Simple. And effective. Congratulations Julian!!!


Beemie Award for Most Gutted–Pat Cummings!

Most Gutted Award—Pat Cummings

I love Pat on twitter. He’s taught me some words that I never knew existed. Words like Chuffed….and Igugu. But he’s the king of “gutted” and that’s why he’s the winner of this year’s gutted award.   Part of that is because Pat is a trailblazer of gutted. Now anytime a horse loses, or dies, or even if someone just drops their soda, they are gutted. So cheers to you Pat!!



Beemies Press Conference 12/3

Opening Statement:

Well we’re just 26 hours to showtime as I type this.  The finishing touches are being applied after months (hours) of preparation.  The Beemie Awards really started out as a boy with a dream.  To bring the world of horse racing twitter together.  364 days a year we bitch and moan and complain and yell at each other about jockeys, owners, takeout, Baffert, and everything else.

But that’s all corporate awards speak.  In all seriousness, my goal with doing it was just to have some fun.  And last year we had a blast.  And I hope that this year we have as much fun.  I hope for a couple hours we can all drop our egos and just have some laughs.  The most fun part of the Beemie Awards isn’t what I do.  It’s all the debate and joke cracking and stuff the audience does.  The intent will not be to alienate or pick on people.  Almost everyone who is nominated for an award or who is the “butt” of a joke are people I have respect for and know can take a joke.  What I don’t want is for it to be mean spirited.  There will be some button pushing but it really is done in fun and not in malice.  I really hope that’s the spirit that permeates from it.

Horse Racing can rip your heart out as we’ve seen today.  It’s ripped my heart out several times.  Six months ago I would have told you I’d never watch another race again in my life.  But I’m a sick degenerate and love it and so do you.  So let’s have a great time tomorrow night!