Beemie Awards Pre-show Press Conference

Well we’re just 25 hours to showtime as I type this.  The finishing touches are being applied after months (hours) of preparation.  The Beemie Awards really started out as a boy with a dream.  To bring the world of horse racing twitter together.  364 days a year we bitch and moan and complain and yell at each other about jockeys, owners, takeout, Baffert, and everything else.

But that’s all corporate awards speak.  In all seriousness, my goal with doing it is just to have a night of fun together.  The last few years we’ve had a blast.  And I hope that this year we have as much fun.  I hope for a couple hours we can all drop our egos and just have some laughs.  The most fun part of the Beemie Awards isn’t what I do.  It’s all the debate and joke cracking and stuff the audience does.   Most of the folks who win awards are people I think can take the joke.  The intent is never to be mean spirited but to laugh at some of the craziness we all participate in.

Some particulars: 
8:30pm EAST–Red Carpet begins
9:00pm EAST–Show begins

Official Hashtag will be #BeemieAwards

We got it trending last year, we can do it again this year!  Tag as many of your posts/replies with the hashtag as you can so folks who aren’t able to watch the show live can go back and watch on “DVR”.

Awards, jokes, videos etc will all germinate from my twitter account @BeemieAwards