Beemie Award for “Someone Missed the Joke”–Winner @Rich_Halvey & @Shamiamnot!


As someone who uses sarcasm as a means of making jokes on twitter, i’ve had many people who awkwardly reply to the joke with a straight answer.  Those of us who follow @shamiamnot know that 99% of his tweets are sarcastic and for comedic purposes.  The other 1% are when he wants to get blocked by racing elite. 

Well on this November Day (yeah it was 2015 but the beemie eligibility period goes November to November) Mark made this tweet that was so absolutely dripping with sarcasm that it seemed impossible nobody couldn’t get the joke.  Well @richhalvey didn’t get it and came with a fact filled response and earned himself a Beemie for the Someone Missed the Joke Award!  Congrats Rich and Mark!!