BEEMIE AWARD WINNER FOR BEST Reply by a jockey is @lanejluzzi


This award went to Julian Leparoux last year for his awesome response to Hickman, so I figured , this award should always go to a jockey who interacts with Hickman.  The thread started as any other thread would, with Hickman bashing Lane for a ride he thought was, well let’s say sub-par.  Lane replied with the shades emoji, to which sent HIckman into overdrive.  Hickman retaliated. 

Then lane did what any jockey should do to a Hickman Critique. 


Hickman’s comeback however was maybe my favorite part of this exchange.  “Clearly I hit a nerve”.  YOU TOLD THE GUY HE WAS ADOPTED AND HORRIBLE AT HIS JOB AND A MORON!  OF COURSE YOU HIT A NERVE!!   But that’s just the genius of Hickman.  When it comes to jockey bashing, he’s Bukowski, Shakespeare, and Serling all rolled into one.   Great exchange!