Twitter timing is one of my favorite things.  When replies stack up at just the perfect time to make it really funny.  See this example


So when Expected Ruler for our buddy Liam Benson won this summer, everyone was excited and many got in on that fat win mutuel…….except OTMB.  The line of congrats and celebration comes to a screeching hault so fast and it just cracks me up.  Congrats OTMB, you may not have won that bet, but you won a Beemie Award!!



This was truly a great twitter moment.  John is an agent at Monmouth Park and there’s an inquiry/objection and he disagreed with the result.  We’ve all been there and we’ve all tweeted about our displeasure with the stewards.  But John was just getting started.  He went off on Monmouth, the stewards, and was mad that Paco Lopez wasn’t DQ’d.  He even called it Paco Park!


He goes off about how Paco can do anything he wants!



Then finally….the magic happens.  He realizes it wasn’t Paco.   #Oooops


Amazing.  Congrats John on a great rant that earns you the Best Rant about the Wrong Jockey Beemie Award!

BEEMIE AWARD WINNER FOR BEST Reply by a jockey is @lanejluzzi


This award went to Julian Leparoux last year for his awesome response to Hickman, so I figured , this award should always go to a jockey who interacts with Hickman.  The thread started as any other thread would, with Hickman bashing Lane for a ride he thought was, well let’s say sub-par.  Lane replied with the shades emoji, to which sent HIckman into overdrive.  Hickman retaliated. 

Then lane did what any jockey should do to a Hickman Critique. 


Hickman’s comeback however was maybe my favorite part of this exchange.  “Clearly I hit a nerve”.  YOU TOLD THE GUY HE WAS ADOPTED AND HORRIBLE AT HIS JOB AND A MORON!  OF COURSE YOU HIT A NERVE!!   But that’s just the genius of Hickman.  When it comes to jockey bashing, he’s Bukowski, Shakespeare, and Serling all rolled into one.   Great exchange!



This one was a shocker.  I gotta admit, I thought this @seabass912’s year.  Seabass had the flow, the bounce, the volume.  He had it all.  Then late in the year, Brock dropped this pic on us and it’s majesty was enough to steal the crown in what many will view as a big upset. 

Brock is mostly known for 2 things.  Drinking.  And that time he posted a photo of a table without knowing the mirror of that table was showing he was in his undies (see below).  Also, how bout that Alabama football field rug. 


BEEMIE AWARD for Biggest Double Take Tweet–Winner @alyssejacobs


I always enjoy Alysse’s tweets, whether they be about NYRA, her Llama, or just general existential 30 something views on life.   But in March @zenyattamafia commented on what must have been a very exciting stretch battle.  Well Alysse took that tweet and made it her own, and man.  I remember reading it, then sinking in what she said, spitting out my water, rereading it, and cracking up.   

You can see I wasn’t the only one with the beverage issue after this master tweet.  It was a great twitter moment and has earned Alysse the Beemie Award for Biggest Doubletake Tweet!


Beemie Award for “Someone Missed the Joke”–Winner @Rich_Halvey & @Shamiamnot!


As someone who uses sarcasm as a means of making jokes on twitter, i’ve had many people who awkwardly reply to the joke with a straight answer.  Those of us who follow @shamiamnot know that 99% of his tweets are sarcastic and for comedic purposes.  The other 1% are when he wants to get blocked by racing elite. 

Well on this November Day (yeah it was 2015 but the beemie eligibility period goes November to November) Mark made this tweet that was so absolutely dripping with sarcasm that it seemed impossible nobody couldn’t get the joke.  Well @richhalvey didn’t get it and came with a fact filled response and earned himself a Beemie for the Someone Missed the Joke Award!  Congrats Rich and Mark!!

Beemie Awards Pre-show Press Conference

Well we’re just 25 hours to showtime as I type this.  The finishing touches are being applied after months (hours) of preparation.  The Beemie Awards really started out as a boy with a dream.  To bring the world of horse racing twitter together.  364 days a year we bitch and moan and complain and yell at each other about jockeys, owners, takeout, Baffert, and everything else.

But that’s all corporate awards speak.  In all seriousness, my goal with doing it is just to have a night of fun together.  The last few years we’ve had a blast.  And I hope that this year we have as much fun.  I hope for a couple hours we can all drop our egos and just have some laughs.  The most fun part of the Beemie Awards isn’t what I do.  It’s all the debate and joke cracking and stuff the audience does.   Most of the folks who win awards are people I think can take the joke.  The intent is never to be mean spirited but to laugh at some of the craziness we all participate in.

Some particulars: 
8:30pm EAST–Red Carpet begins
9:00pm EAST–Show begins

Official Hashtag will be #BeemieAwards

We got it trending last year, we can do it again this year!  Tag as many of your posts/replies with the hashtag as you can so folks who aren’t able to watch the show live can go back and watch on “DVR”.

Awards, jokes, videos etc will all germinate from my twitter account @BeemieAwards