Nine songs I absolutely love

I was thinking as I was listening to music while taking my morning walk, there are some songs to me that are just perfect.  That even after hundreds of listens they still strike a chord inside of me.  So I tried to think of a handful of songs that I absolutely love.  Here they are in no particular order.

Ben E. King–Stand By Me

Maybe it’s cause of the movie which was such a big part of my childhood, but I think this is a perfect song.  The bass intro, Ben E. King’s incredibly soulful singing, and the simplicity of a wonderful melody.  Absolutely timeless.  People will know this song 50 years from now.

Mother Love Bone–Chloe Dancer

I love the piano intro on this.  The second half of the song, Crown of Thorns is great as well.  But the first two minutes just moves me.  “A dream like this must die.”  Andy Wood dying shortly after recording this makes it all the more haunting.

The Killers–Bling (Confessions of a King)

Not even a single off the mighty Sam’s Town album.  But this song literally gets me dancing every time I hear it.  When I saw them in Vegas I was crying like a baby by the time the ending hit.  I was hooked on these guys when Hot Fuss came out, but Sam’s Town made me a lifelong fan.  I included the live version here cause the build up to the ending is even more intense.

Oasis–Don’t Look Back in Anger

This was the song I was listening to when I thought about writing about this.  It’s perfect.  There’s just no other way to say it.  It’s a perfect pop song.  Instantly recognizable, an amazing verse, a huge chorus.  This is one of those stadium sing along type songs.

Interpol–Obstacle 1

I love how this song builds.  Starts with a single guitar riff.  Adds a second guitar.  Then the drums kick in.  Then finally a bass melody joins before it all combines.  Carlos Dengler’s bass parts in all Interpol songs are incredible, but man do I love them in here.

Lady Gaga–Gypsy (acoustic)

What a talent she is.  Honestly, I don’t like when her songs are done up in full electric pop mode (Alejandro an exception).  But when she’s stripped down to just a piano and her incredible voice, I can listen all day.   I’ve spent a big chunk of my adulthood “on the road” and this song always connected with me in that regard.

Imagine Dragons–Shots (acoustic)

The album version of this song is actually not good.  I heard it on Howard Stern in this acoustic format and it hit my like a punch to the gut.  This version is incredible.  It’s a song I wish I wrote.  It’s all about regret.  The last couple years of my life I’ve focused so much on regret.  On how much damage i’ve done to myself.

Alice in Chains–Would?

I remember seeing this video and thinking Layne Staley was the coolest man on the planet.  And even though he’s been dead for 15 years, I still think he was.
Brandon Flowers–Between Me and You
This is another that goes to that idea of regret.  It’s someone exploring regret in their relationship.  The songs I connect with are always sad songs.  “All my life, I’ve been told, follow your dreams, but the trail got cold.”  This song came out after I had missed out on my dream job and was really at a low point.  It took me a while to realize that indeed a dream I’d pursued for a decade was indeed over.  This song helped me deal with that.  Well, it just helped me cry more and get out the emotion of it all.