Beemie Award for Best Fight goes to @goofonroof and @racetrackandy

The final award!  Andy Asaro has proven to have what it takes to win multiple Beemies.  Namely, picking fights.  We all have to have our talents and when it comes to fights on racing twitter, Andy is king!

This one happened way back in the spring/summer time I believe and it started when Andy posted something about a controversial dead heat.  Andy commented on the situation and Vic questioned it.  And we’re off…VicAndy

Ok, so just a disagreement at this point, nothing too crazy.  Cue Andy…


(Yeah it was Saturday afternoon and I was waiting for an Uber).

But Dipshit gets us started.  Really any good twitter fight always needs to cross into swearing before it really gets going.  Vic tries and takes the high road and Andy…..well…


Oh my.  Now we’re getting personal.  Now we’re rolling.


Vic’s keeping it calm, but his passive aggressive jabs are just stoking the fire that burns in Asaro!


Poor Ray Paulick being dragged into this affair.  Now Andy goes to the mystery files from Jack Liebau at Hollywood card!


Now Andy goes after Vic’s current employer.  Getting ugly now folks.  By the way, 100% chance that DM i have in the above picture is someone telling me about this Vic/Andy fight.


So then Vic finally brings out the Blocked card!


And Andy comes right back with a “I blocked you first” which is key.  He who lands the first block has the last word!

All in all it was a good fight and while there were some great fights throughout the year, between the swearing, the anger, the allegations, and the blocks….this one is this year’s winner.  Thanks everyone for watching the Beemie Awards!


Beemie Award for Favorite Follow goes to @looochracing

2017 really was the year of the Loooch.  Ron Paolucci was everywhere.  Winning races all over the country, buying and selling horses, even guested on my podcast (listen here) .

But nowhere did Loooch shine more than on twitter.  Whether it was taking on the Blue Bloods of the Breeders’ Cup

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 8.15.33 AM

or hobnobbing with celebrities

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 8.12.06 AM

or being a good human being

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 8.12.51 AM

or my favorite, posting inspirational photos to his haters

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 8.13.27 AM

Loooch was the best thing on twitter this year, so that’s why he wins the Beemie Award for Favorite Follow!  Congrats Loooch!

Mike Joyce Award for Handicapping Bravery and Excellence goes to @downthestretch7


This prestigious award is usually voted on by you, the racing fans.  But the Russians hacked the election process so I was forced to award this on my own.  But really, there was only one option.  For years, twitter has known @downthestretch7 as #BetWithKevin, the top clocker in horse racing.  Well his handicapping in recent months has been on a heater like few have seen.  His clients have all been raving about his picks.  He gave out Always Dreaming as his A++ work horse pre-Derby.  It’s just been the year of Bet With Kevin.  So now, he’s rightfully won the award named after a great handicapping hero to many in racing, the Mike Joyce Award for Handicapping Bravery and Excellence.  If this doesn’t jinx his current hot streak nothing will.

These photos are all from just the last couple of weeks.


Beemie Award for Best Unintended Pun goes to @Charli125


Ol’ Snoop Dougie McPherson shared an article about Quarter Horse jockeys using a “machine” aka “buzzer” aka “battery” aka well you get the picture.  Well him and Charlie Davis started talking about it, and when Charlie responds with a great pun, totally unintended, I cracked up #NothingShocksMeInThisSport.

So for your unintended pun work Charlie, you’ve earned a Beemie Award!


Beemie Award for Best Humblebrag goes to @JoeT_OnTheSide


Joe T is one of the best long shot handicappers I’ve ever seen.   He will single a 60/1 shot like it’s nothing and go 12 deep the other races.  I think something like that happened for him this year.  It also happened around the time a lot of the tax rules were coming into implementation, so Joe obviously had questions.  But anytime someone posts about a $14,000 score without including the word BOOOOOM! it comes off like a humblebrag.  Joe T you’re a Beemie winner!


Beemie Award for Most Awkward Headline goes to @racetrackkyle

Death is always sad.  I try and always be respectful to someone who has passed away, especially when it’s in my industry of horse racing.  But when Kyle @racetrackkyle tweeted out this article I honestly thought the headline was a spoof because 13 year old Jason started laughing at it.


Gass passes?

Well that was an awkward way to put it for someone named Gass dying.  I mean, there’s really probably nothing wrong with it, like I said, I just have the sense of humor of a teenage boy.  So for the awkwardness that I felt after the fact, congrats to Kyle!  Btw, here’s the actual headline that Kyle was just reposting.


Beemie Award for Best Photo to Photoshop goes to @zenyattamafia!

Breeders’ Cup not only brings together the best horses, trainers, and jockeys together in one place, it also brings all of the best photographers!!  One of those great photographers is Emily Shields (@zenyattamafia) who captured Gun Runner coming into the paddock in this shot.  Only…..Gun Runner so ended up not being the reason this photo was so great.


Steve’s hair, as it tends to do….completely steals the show.  It’s been amazing for years now, but this particular photo, with the Del Mar ocean breeze blowing through his flowing locks, it’s just perfect.  It was also perfect for photoshop, so thanks Emily and congrats on your 1st Beemie!


I’m King of the Breeders’ Cup




And finally, if this isn’t the greatest thing ever, I don’t know what is.


Beemie Award for Best Twitter Hiatus goes to @kaitlinefree


Ahhhh the twitter hiatus.  “I’m taking the rest of the day, week, month, forever off twitter.”   We see it all the time, and NOBODY ever stays away.  Twitter is a drug of the strongest power.

Twitter can be stressful when tragedies unfold cause there’s so much going on in every direction.  Shootings, bombings, elections, all very stressful on social media.  So on October 2nd, the day after the horrendous Las Vegas shooting, Kaitlin decided she needed to get off twitter for the day.  Totally understandable, I often will do the same after tragedies.

So she tweeted out she was going to be off twitter for the rest of the day.  I imagine she put her phone away after sending it and was ready to go about the rest of her day.   But then….ONLY SIX MINUTES LATER……Kaitlin was back.  The urge of posting a cute cat photo proved just too much of a lure to get her back into the craziness of twitter.   So for that complete lack of social media self imposed discipline, Kaitlin is taking home a Beemie!


Beemie Award for Favorite Picture of the Year goes to @danonymousman and @giacomo926


“Dan, I hope your first child, is a masculine child”

I love this photo for 100 different reasons.  Ever since it came out (Photographer unknown, if anyone knows would love to credit her or him) I’ve played “caption this” with it 100 times.

Let’s start with Dan on the right.  We all know Dan as the bow-tied leader of equestricon and promoting horse racing.  In this picture we find out that Dan is also the leader of the Queens Crime Family.  The jacket is great, but he’s keeping it casual with the shirt.  The shades are genius and I would guess he got them from a sporting goods store bustout.  Then there’s the smirk.  It kills me.  Also, what message did he just get on the phone?  My guess is he just got a text that someone he wanted “taken care of” just got their due!  This scene would be perfect in any Scorsese movie.

Now to Geno.  My friend Raider Mike once told me Geno was “The most New York guy in the world.”   In my mob captions of this photo, Geno is almost always Luca Brasi.  The enforcer.  Geno is either giving Dan a 10/1 Ryerson horse he likes or letting him know that “you know that thing we talked about, yeah we don’t gotta worry about that no more.”

What the photo really is, is a classic shot of two friends at the track.  It makes me smile every time I see it so it’s now a Beemie Award winner!

Beemie Award for Someone Missed the Joke goes to @reidy765

So I’ve always said that I’m not eligible for a Beemie Award.  However that doesn’t mean that someone replying to me can’t!  This was from the Keeneland fall meet and their handle and the boycott were under the microscope.  Keeneland’s handle that particular day was down quite a bit.  One of my favorite things to do on twitter is to talk about Portland Meadows as though it’s the most important track in America.  So I made this post, that I thought was absolutely dripping with sarcasm that Portland running this year was the obvious reason that Keeneland handle was down.  Well Tom disagreed.


Tom clearly missed the joke, but honestly that last line put it over the top from missing the joke to just being simply hilarious.  I laughed for a minimum of 8  minutes after he sent this.   He followed it up shortly afterwards with just one more response.


Tom, you may have lost respect for me, but after these great tweets, you are a Beemie Award winner!!