Beemie Award for Best Fight goes to @goofonroof and @racetrackandy

The final award!  Andy Asaro has proven to have what it takes to win multiple Beemies.  Namely, picking fights.  We all have to have our talents and when it comes to fights on racing twitter, Andy is king!

This one happened way back in the spring/summer time I believe and it started when Andy posted something about a controversial dead heat.  Andy commented on the situation and Vic questioned it.  And we’re off…VicAndy

Ok, so just a disagreement at this point, nothing too crazy.  Cue Andy…


(Yeah it was Saturday afternoon and I was waiting for an Uber).

But Dipshit gets us started.  Really any good twitter fight always needs to cross into swearing before it really gets going.  Vic tries and takes the high road and Andy…..well…


Oh my.  Now we’re getting personal.  Now we’re rolling.


Vic’s keeping it calm, but his passive aggressive jabs are just stoking the fire that burns in Asaro!


Poor Ray Paulick being dragged into this affair.  Now Andy goes to the mystery files from Jack Liebau at Hollywood card!


Now Andy goes after Vic’s current employer.  Getting ugly now folks.  By the way, 100% chance that DM i have in the above picture is someone telling me about this Vic/Andy fight.


So then Vic finally brings out the Blocked card!


And Andy comes right back with a “I blocked you first” which is key.  He who lands the first block has the last word!

All in all it was a good fight and while there were some great fights throughout the year, between the swearing, the anger, the allegations, and the blocks….this one is this year’s winner.  Thanks everyone for watching the Beemie Awards!