Beemie Award for Most Awkward Compliment goes to Todd Schrupp & @eze12373


Todd’s a “big” guy apparently

I had the pleasure of meeting Todd at the Breeders’ Cup this year and he was such a pleasure to talk to.  But when I did meet him, this tweet was all I could think about.

This was from April and Todd and the gang from TVG were over at Keeneland doing their wall to wall coverage.  Well apparently Todd used the restroom and Eric saw him and decided to let Todd and the world know about the exchange.  Todd, always humble, thanked him.

This exchange really wouldn’t have been awkward if the word bathroom hadn’t been added in, but once it was, all I can think of is this scene from Ace Ventura.


Your gun is digging into my hip

So congratulations to Todd and Eric for winning the Beemie Award for the Most Awkward Compliment!!