Beemie Award for Best Moment of the Year goes to @penelopepmiller and @potuscapper

I’ll never forget where I was when this happened.  Golden Gate Fields Turf Club.  I had just met Steve Coburn (humblebrag) so I was riding high.  It was Belmont Weekend.  Then I saw this exchange.  It all happened in like 3 minutes.  Which makes it all the more cool.

Penelope posts a simple picture of herself snacking on some cookies.  No biggie, just a casual Belmont Day media lunch.


Then our Commander in Chief, did what he does best, he tweeted.  And his tweet was a challenge.


Penelope, in literally 10 seconds, on the spot, accepted the challenge.


Pretty darn good.  Ok, but, I mean, many people happen to have purple ponchos sitting next to them.  So Potus tried once again to throw her off with another challenge.


BAAAAMMMMM!  TAKE THAT POTUS!   Penelope is a Queen and dropped two McDonalds outfits on the Pres in like 3 minutes.  I don’t know the whole thing was just awesome and gets Penelope and Potus a Beemie Award!

Now will Penelope accept his final challenge…..


Beemie Award for Most Committed to a Really Random Cause goes to @Gekko_Pap

We all have our causes on twitter.  Some are very serious.  Some are more casual and fun.  But @Gekko_Pap has a commitment to the belief that Millennials don’t take a championship sporting event seriously, unless it’s at night.  I don’t know if it’s true or not, but the passion to which @Gekko_Pap has for this, really is remarkable and it’s won them a Beemie Award!

See below!


And don’t think this is just a recent thing….No…@Gekko_Pap been beating this drum since 2015!!


Beemie Award for Best Mic Drop goes to @horseuuman!

Sometimes there’s a response that is just so good, it ends the conversation stone cold.  Well @horseuuman did just that back in January.  The always trusty Ed DeRosa tweeted out a stat leading up to the Pegasus World Cup as Gun Runner was assigned a tough outside post.


Ed wasn’t sharing an opinion, just offering up a stat.  Well @horseuuman wanted to voice his support for Gun Runner.


Ed dialed up the snark with the correction, to which, Joe realized he had enough.  So he dropped the mic when responded.


BOOM!!  Random pictures of money including a thousand or so spread out on a Kentucky Derby shirt and all Ed could do was read them and weep!  This just made me laugh so much so it wins a Beemie for the Best Mic Drop!

Beemie Award for Best Humblebrag sponsored by The Empress Hotel La Jolla goes to @JustinTheNich

empress-beemieaward (1)

So this summer at Saratoga they debuted a new exclusive seating area called “The Stretch” and I think seats were like $20,000 a piece.  It features all sorts of exclusive stuff, like…Ipads in your seat? screen shot 2019-01-14 at 4.41.37 pm

Well on opening day Ryan Stanzel made a little joke about how he bet the highrollers in The Stretch could see a head on cause none of the rest of us could on TV.  That’s when Justin Nicholson dropped a boss humblebrag on him.



Big J Nich fan here and that was a smooth humblebrag that earns him a Beemie Award!

Beemie Award for the Most Rideout Moment of the Year goes to @thoroughbredAR

Oh Rideout.  The Subliminal Gadfly himself.  He doesn’t tweet often, but he’s like the Most Interesting Man in the World from those beer commercials, but Canadian.  I always get a kick out of his tweets.   So in December Josh tweeted out kind of a fun question and got lots of fun answers.  Rideout provided video of his talent, which was tossing a marshmellow up in the air and catching it.  He never misses!


Only after watching the video, it wasn’t at all the throwing the marshmellow that I, or anyone else noticed.  I think Ed perfectly stated what we all were thinking.


I mean, seriously, what’s going on there.


But then Rideout, very casually I might add, proceeds to tell Ed what he’s rocking.


A PONCHO MADE FROM PERUVIAN BABY ALPACA!  And get a load of that product description.  Absolutely incredible.  And SO, SO, Rideout!  The only thing that would make it more Rideout is if he actually owned part of the company, which I think there’s an 84% chance that he does.  The answer left me, and Ed, speechless.  But it also earns Rideout a Beemie Award!


Beemie Award for Best Photo to Photoshop brought to you by goes to @GenStarTbreds!


This is always one of my favorite categories.  Sometimes you just see a picture and know that it’s not only great, but that it is kind of great to play with on Photoshop.  This photo came from March and from the fine folks at @GenStarTbreds.  The great Ken Ramsey was down in Barbados for the Barbados Gold Cup (He won this year with Sir Dudley Digges) and he was enjoying the water on horseback and this wonderful shot was taken.


Just a great shot.  Ken Ramsey always has struck me as someone who gets a great joy out of life and this is just a really cool photo of what looks like a great day for him.  However we immature folks over here at the Beemies also realized that this photo was ripe for photoshopping, so congrats to @GenStarTbreds and to Ken for winning the Beemie Award for Best Photo to Photoshop!   So enjoy Ken at Royal Ascot!


Ken again on horseback!


Calf-ropin Ken!


Who doesn’t love Spring break!


And Old School!


Beemie Award for What a Difference a Day Makes goes to @Mr_Trifecta

Now, we all are hypocrites at some point.  Especially on twitter.  But it only took Mike less than 30 hours to reverse course on his thoughts of weight shaming.  It started off one afternoon with Mike replying to a post where I thought he made a very nice point.


Mike is a loyal guy and he always sticks up for his buddies, which is a great thing.  But….he also enjoys getting fired up on occasion on late night twitter.  And he seemed to reverse course a little bit in his “don’t make fun of people’s appearances” stance just 28 hours later.   Apparently not a Mike Joyce fan.


Well Mike, your reversal gets you a Beemie Award for “What a difference a day makes”.

Beemie Award for Most Likely to have a GIF only conversation goes to @urbnhandicapper and @cannonshell

Oh Chuck and Barry.  There have been times when I’ve had to scroll through 40 GIFS in a row.  The conversations usually start when one of them will send a link to something, often something that happened on the hardwood.  Then the GIF battle is on!!  I seriously could have used 40 or 50 different examples!  But for their commitment to the GIF, Barry and Chuck are Beemie Award winners!


Beemie Awards for Best Twitter Hiatus goes to @smarty3385

This is seriously always my favorite category.  I just LOVE when people say they’re taking a day, week, forever off of twitter.  Because they never can stay away!  Twitter is the Hotel California.  You can check out any time you’d like.  But you can never leave!   Well this is a bit of a homer award cause I’m buddies with Rob, but when he insisted he was logging off for the night to watch his beloved Giants, I stood on watch, just waiting for him to come back.  And 58 minutes later…..there he was!


I like to picture Rob, sitting in his easy chair, watching the Giants on their way to a 5-11 season.  Thinking to himself, “enough with this silly twitter, I’m done with it for a day.”  But then the punter fluffed a kick.  Rob looks around, and knowing nobody else in the house cares about the game, he ran back to twitter to let it explode!

Since this is always such a hotly contested award, and these are just funny, here are the honorable mentions.


Short 19 minute day at work Jason Barkley?


The lefties and righties could only keep Harris off twitter for 4 hours.


Defending champ in this category, Kaitlin tried to make it two in a row.



I will say this, Chris made it one day and he clearly did shut off twitter and study the races…just not for a week 🙂

Beemie Award for Oops That’s the Corporate Account goes to @RyanMartinAPFG

If you do social media for your place of work, then you know the feeling.  Send out a quick tweet on your personal account and then realize, Oh crap, that was the company account!  Well the very talented turfwriter Ryan Martin from Fair Grounds had this happen one night.  He was out on the town for a big night in New Orleans, and apparently the club wasn’t as poppin as he’d hoped.  So he dropped a tweet about it……from the FAIR GROUNDS ACCOUNT!


Now I don’t know exactly what “brads and chads” are, but I’m going to assume they look like this…


Now, what I love about this whole situation was, none of us out in twitter land would have known who sent the tweet from the FG account…….but……Ryan thought that tweet was so good, he waited an hour, then fired it out from his personal account.


Well Ryan, you’re no Brad or Chad, but you are a Beemie Award winner!

**PS i checked with his supervisors ahead of time to make sure he wouldn’t get in trouble for this, so don’t sweat it Ry!