Beemie Award for Best Moment of the Year goes to @penelopepmiller and @potuscapper

I’ll never forget where I was when this happened.  Golden Gate Fields Turf Club.  I had just met Steve Coburn (humblebrag) so I was riding high.  It was Belmont Weekend.  Then I saw this exchange.  It all happened in like 3 minutes.  Which makes it all the more cool.

Penelope posts a simple picture of herself snacking on some cookies.  No biggie, just a casual Belmont Day media lunch.


Then our Commander in Chief, did what he does best, he tweeted.  And his tweet was a challenge.


Penelope, in literally 10 seconds, on the spot, accepted the challenge.


Pretty darn good.  Ok, but, I mean, many people happen to have purple ponchos sitting next to them.  So Potus tried once again to throw her off with another challenge.


BAAAAMMMMM!  TAKE THAT POTUS!   Penelope is a Queen and dropped two McDonalds outfits on the Pres in like 3 minutes.  I don’t know the whole thing was just awesome and gets Penelope and Potus a Beemie Award!

Now will Penelope accept his final challenge…..