Beemie Award for Best Photo to Photoshop brought to you by goes to @GenStarTbreds!


This is always one of my favorite categories.  Sometimes you just see a picture and know that it’s not only great, but that it is kind of great to play with on Photoshop.  This photo came from March and from the fine folks at @GenStarTbreds.  The great Ken Ramsey was down in Barbados for the Barbados Gold Cup (He won this year with Sir Dudley Digges) and he was enjoying the water on horseback and this wonderful shot was taken.


Just a great shot.  Ken Ramsey always has struck me as someone who gets a great joy out of life and this is just a really cool photo of what looks like a great day for him.  However we immature folks over here at the Beemies also realized that this photo was ripe for photoshopping, so congrats to @GenStarTbreds and to Ken for winning the Beemie Award for Best Photo to Photoshop!   So enjoy Ken at Royal Ascot!


Ken again on horseback!


Calf-ropin Ken!


Who doesn’t love Spring break!


And Old School!