Beemie Award for Oops That’s the Corporate Account goes to @RyanMartinAPFG

If you do social media for your place of work, then you know the feeling.  Send out a quick tweet on your personal account and then realize, Oh crap, that was the company account!  Well the very talented turfwriter Ryan Martin from Fair Grounds had this happen one night.  He was out on the town for a big night in New Orleans, and apparently the club wasn’t as poppin as he’d hoped.  So he dropped a tweet about it……from the FAIR GROUNDS ACCOUNT!


Now I don’t know exactly what “brads and chads” are, but I’m going to assume they look like this…


Now, what I love about this whole situation was, none of us out in twitter land would have known who sent the tweet from the FG account…….but……Ryan thought that tweet was so good, he waited an hour, then fired it out from his personal account.


Well Ryan, you’re no Brad or Chad, but you are a Beemie Award winner!

**PS i checked with his supervisors ahead of time to make sure he wouldn’t get in trouble for this, so don’t sweat it Ry!