Beemie Award for Someone Missed The Joke Award goes to @chandletjeff

This award will 90% of the time go to someone who doesn’t follow either @shamiamnot or @derbydannyk and sees one of their tweets.  99% of what comes from their accounts is jokes and sarcasm.  But the minute they get a few retweets and things go out of their little world, it’s time for some joke missing.  So when Winx was running in the Colgate Optic White Stakes (amazing race name BTW) Danny made one of his famous photoshops.


Pretty funny right?  Danny is a genius and you should follow him.  But… you can see that tweet got some Retweets and eventually caught the eye of @chandletjeff who missed Danny’s joke.


But… doesn’t end there.  The reason Jeff found out that this was a joke was because as a huge Winx fan (aren’t we all Jeff, she rules!) he actually emailed Colgate Australia to try and order a tube of this toothpaste!


Womp Womp.  Now real talk, I kind of want a Winx toothpaste to become a real thing, let’s make it happen Colgate.  Use the hashtag #WinxPasteNow

Jeff may have missed the joke, but he didn’t miss out on winning a Beemie Award! Congrats Jeff!