Beemie Award for the Most Rideout Moment of the Year goes to @thoroughbredAR

Oh Rideout.  The Subliminal Gadfly himself.  He doesn’t tweet often, but he’s like the Most Interesting Man in the World from those beer commercials, but Canadian.  I always get a kick out of his tweets.   So in December Josh tweeted out kind of a fun question and got lots of fun answers.  Rideout provided video of his talent, which was tossing a marshmellow up in the air and catching it.  He never misses!


Only after watching the video, it wasn’t at all the throwing the marshmellow that I, or anyone else noticed.  I think Ed perfectly stated what we all were thinking.


I mean, seriously, what’s going on there.


But then Rideout, very casually I might add, proceeds to tell Ed what he’s rocking.


A PONCHO MADE FROM PERUVIAN BABY ALPACA!  And get a load of that product description.  Absolutely incredible.  And SO, SO, Rideout!  The only thing that would make it more Rideout is if he actually owned part of the company, which I think there’s an 84% chance that he does.  The answer left me, and Ed, speechless.  But it also earns Rideout a Beemie Award!