Jason Beem to host 2020 Beemie Awards on 1/17/20.

The Beemie Awards Foundation announced Thursday morning that fill-in track announcer Jason Beem will be taking the mic for 6th consecutive year to host this year’s Beemie Awards on Friday January 17, 2020.  The announcement comes after an exhaustive search and just over a week to the event.

“We had really hoped to get Nick Luck since he hosts everything else,” said Billy Koch of Little Red Feather Racing, who will once again sponsor the event.  “But Nick couldn’t do it, so we decided to just have Jason do it again.”

Beem, 39, hosts the 17th highest-rated horse racing podcast in the United States, the Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast which is sponsored by the fine folks at Twinspires.  Seriously great people, go sign up there and tell them Beemie sent you.  He’s also called races at Monmouth Park (no big deal), Colonial Downs, Gulfstream Park*, Portland Meadows (RIP), and River Downs.

“I’m really excited to once again be hosting the Beemie Awards,” said Beem.  “From our humble beginnings in 2014, we’ve grown from a small internet show that pokes fun at racing twitter and makes cheesy videos, to a small internet show that pokes fun at racing twitter and makes cheesy videos with actual sponsors.”

Back this year are the popular Humblebrag Award, Best Mic Drop Award, Someone Missed the Joke Award, as well as Best Photo to Photoshop.  New this year is the Horseplayer Moment of the Year,  Best Insult, and the “Sorry you got Leckie’d” Award.

The event will take place on Friday January 17, 2020 by following Jason Beem’s twitter account @BeemieAwards.  Follow along the hashtag #BeemieAwards to watch on-demand and join in the conversation.

The Red Carpet begins at 8:30pm EST and the show starts at 9:00pm EST.  The show will be done by 10:45pm EST or as close as we can get.  Little Red Feather Racing Club are the title sponsors, and additional sponsorship also comes from SIMHorseracing.com, a virtual horse racing site.

For media inquiries email: jasoncharlesbeem@gmail.com

*Gulfstream Park West