Beemie Award for Best Horseplayer Moment goes to @Raps7

If you’ve been a bettor for any period of time, you’ve likely seen some hilarious stuff.  Losing a winning ticket can send any of us scurrying around the OTB or track trying to find that winning piece of white paper.  I’d say most of us have probably accidentally tossed a winner or two over the years.   In fact earlier this year some horseplayers were talking about just this topic.


But after seeing their story, @Raps7 jumped in with a classic story of horseplayer ingenuity to rescue a lost ticket.


WENT BACK TO THE TRACK AND TOOK THE GARBAGE BAG HOME!!  “All Time Move” is absolutely right.  Just hysterical, and it gets @Raps7 the Beemie Award for Best Horseplayer Moment of the Year! Congrats Johnny!