Beemie Award for Best Mic Drop goes to @MeganDevineTV

So this one starts out pretty innocuous.  Horseplayer gives Megan some props for helping him turn $9 into $132.  Then Brock shows up, a little chippy, and replies.  Megan gives what I think is kind of a light hearted response, and then Brock takes it up to an 11 and we’re off.


So now we start a little cat and mouse game, back and forth.  Brock leaves a strongly worded message for her to stop RT’ing “Weirdos and Socially Awkward humans” and then Megan drops a beauty on him!


Boom!!  One-time Racetrack Executive CJ Johnsen posted the perfect GIF response


Megan dropped the Mic on that convo and we’re happy to drop a Beemie Award for her!