Beemie Award for Best Reply goes to @Dawnlupul

I normally don’t want to tie in any of my tweets to Beemie night.  But, well, tonight I will.  Back in July I was at Woodbine and Dawn Lupul had just recently left her post there after a ton of years.  One thing Dawn always did was “The Daily”.  She’d walk around a part of Woodbine, give a little preview of the day.  I missed The Daily, so I decided to do my own.  It was a silly little ode to the great Dawn.  Video can be watched here (click on the pic part)

Ok, kind of silly, people got a kick out of it.   So then the next day.  THE NEXT DAY.  Dawn drops a way funnier, way better produced, just way more awesome video reply.


Just hysterical.  I haven’t laughed at a tweet like I did that video in I don’t know how long.  So congrats to Dawn as she takes home the Beemie Award for Best Reply!

Also for those that watched her video, we haven’t set a date yet, we’re taking things slow.