The Beemie Award for the Julian Muscat Mistaken Identity Award goes to @GaryStevens

I think most of our Beemie fans know the story of Julian Muscat.  But for a refresher, read about him here:

Julian has arguably become the breakout Beemie Awards star of all time, and he always plays along well with his random racing celebrity during this week.  But since Julian became the all time greatest case of racing Mistaken Identity, we’ve named an award after him.


I love mistaken identity when it happens on twitter.  Some person is just going about their day when all of a sudden they get tagged and have a bunch of tweets directed at someone whose name they share.  Which brings us to @garystevens.  Ray Paulick was discussing Santa Anita and someone nominated 4 people to lead a governing body to help get SA out of the situation they were in.  One of the people tagged was @garystevens, but turns out that’s not THE racing Gary Stevens.


Everyone had a nice laugh at the miscue, but then, our boy Julian shows up!!



I just always get a good kick out of mistaken identity stuff and even though this one didn’t feature any mean or crazy tweets, just a fun little moment of the year.  So congrats Gary Stevens on winning the Julian Muscat Mistaken Identity Award!