Beemie Award for Congrats on Your New Job Award goes to @EMD4ME!!

One of life’s great feelings is getting that big job you’ve applied for.  For former Beemie Award winner Ryan Martin, he experienced that joy earlier this year and announced that he’d been hired in the media department at NYRA.  A tremendous achievement and Ryan shared the news with his followers and was greeted with congrats from around the industry.   Including from many horseplayers like @EMD4Me.

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 7.00.51 AM

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more passionate horseplayer than EMD4ME.  Lives and breathes horseplaying and is a very sharp player.  But I have to admit it cracked me up when I saw his actual full tweet to Ryan when he announced his job.


HAHAHA!  Congrats on your new job you don’t start for two weeks, but can you fix this please!  Normally I like to let someone get settled into a new position before I rag on em about something, but EMD wanted shit to get handled!  Ryan was still 1000 miles away from his soon to be new office.  But EMD, he pressed on!


Now I will agree that racing has overall done a poor job catering to the needs of horseplayers.  But tweeting a guy who doesn’t start his job for 2 weeks about stuff, is just pretty hilarious, and it gets @EMD4ME a Beemie Award!!

Beemie Award for Should have won an Eclipse goes to @_zoemetz

In the past, the Beemies have been accused of trying to undermine The Eclipse Awards.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  I respect that those are the awards of our industry and that this is essentially just a goofy comedy show.  But, this year there was a photo I thought was such a moving piece of photography, I was sure it would win an Eclipse.  And it didn’t.  I don’t even remember now what beat it, but Zoe Metz’s shot of Michael McCarthy and his daughter saying their goodbyes to City of Light was just so so good.  Emotion, love of the horse, A father comforting a daughter, the horse of a lifetime, the ever-present watchful eye of the caretaker, and everyone saying goodbye.  It just had it all.


Even Ray Paulick loved it, and we know Ray hates everything (Just kidding Ray 🙂

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 7.20.56 AM

So Zoe, I can’t give you an Eclipse Award, but we can give you a Beemie! Great photo!


Beemie Award for Strangest Insult goes to @Horseracing4beg

There was no shortage of opinions after the Kentucky Derby disqualification.  Many folks had the opinion it was a warranted DQ, many thought it was a bad call.  @Horseracing4beg had a strong opinion about the DQ as many did.


The people who huh?  Now I’ve been on the planet for a while, and I’ve always gone about my business in a certain way.  But after reading this statement I was forced to examine.  Had I been doing this basic human function wrong all these years?  However I was a little relieved when I saw Chris’ response to the tweet.


Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 5.30.22 PM

So of course this sparked a debate amongst standers and sitters.  According to the folks at Mens Health, just over 1/3 of people are standers.   But regardless of whether you sit or stand, regardless of whether you supported the DQ or not, that insult snags a Beemie Award for Strangest Insult!! Congrats!

The Beemie Award for the Julian Muscat Mistaken Identity Award goes to @GaryStevens

I think most of our Beemie fans know the story of Julian Muscat.  But for a refresher, read about him here:

Julian has arguably become the breakout Beemie Awards star of all time, and he always plays along well with his random racing celebrity during this week.  But since Julian became the all time greatest case of racing Mistaken Identity, we’ve named an award after him.


I love mistaken identity when it happens on twitter.  Some person is just going about their day when all of a sudden they get tagged and have a bunch of tweets directed at someone whose name they share.  Which brings us to @garystevens.  Ray Paulick was discussing Santa Anita and someone nominated 4 people to lead a governing body to help get SA out of the situation they were in.  One of the people tagged was @garystevens, but turns out that’s not THE racing Gary Stevens.


Everyone had a nice laugh at the miscue, but then, our boy Julian shows up!!



I just always get a good kick out of mistaken identity stuff and even though this one didn’t feature any mean or crazy tweets, just a fun little moment of the year.  So congrats Gary Stevens on winning the Julian Muscat Mistaken Identity Award!

Beemie Award for Best Horseplayer Moment goes to @Raps7

If you’ve been a bettor for any period of time, you’ve likely seen some hilarious stuff.  Losing a winning ticket can send any of us scurrying around the OTB or track trying to find that winning piece of white paper.  I’d say most of us have probably accidentally tossed a winner or two over the years.   In fact earlier this year some horseplayers were talking about just this topic.


But after seeing their story, @Raps7 jumped in with a classic story of horseplayer ingenuity to rescue a lost ticket.


WENT BACK TO THE TRACK AND TOOK THE GARBAGE BAG HOME!!  “All Time Move” is absolutely right.  Just hysterical, and it gets @Raps7 the Beemie Award for Best Horseplayer Moment of the Year! Congrats Johnny!

Beemie Award for Someone Missed the Joke Award goes to @AmateurCapper

Generally this category goes to someone who takes a tweet of @shamiamnot or @derbydannyk seriously.  This year it might even technically be a reply to a joke, but it made me laugh so here we are.  Turfway’s signature race, formerly the Spiral Stakes (also formerly like 8 other names), is now the Jeff Ruby Steaks.  Jeff Ruby for those who don’t know is a steakhouse owner based in nearby Cincinnati.  So instead of the Jeff Ruby Stakes, it’s the Jeff Ruby Steaks.  Get it?  Well @Amateurcapper didn’t get it when they replied to TVG to correct their post, and in doing so, earned themselves a Beemie Award!


Jason Beem to host 2020 Beemie Awards on 1/17/20.

The Beemie Awards Foundation announced Thursday morning that fill-in track announcer Jason Beem will be taking the mic for 6th consecutive year to host this year’s Beemie Awards on Friday January 17, 2020.  The announcement comes after an exhaustive search and just over a week to the event.

“We had really hoped to get Nick Luck since he hosts everything else,” said Billy Koch of Little Red Feather Racing, who will once again sponsor the event.  “But Nick couldn’t do it, so we decided to just have Jason do it again.”

Beem, 39, hosts the 17th highest-rated horse racing podcast in the United States, the Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast which is sponsored by the fine folks at Twinspires.  Seriously great people, go sign up there and tell them Beemie sent you.  He’s also called races at Monmouth Park (no big deal), Colonial Downs, Gulfstream Park*, Portland Meadows (RIP), and River Downs.

“I’m really excited to once again be hosting the Beemie Awards,” said Beem.  “From our humble beginnings in 2014, we’ve grown from a small internet show that pokes fun at racing twitter and makes cheesy videos, to a small internet show that pokes fun at racing twitter and makes cheesy videos with actual sponsors.”

Back this year are the popular Humblebrag Award, Best Mic Drop Award, Someone Missed the Joke Award, as well as Best Photo to Photoshop.  New this year is the Horseplayer Moment of the Year,  Best Insult, and the “Sorry you got Leckie’d” Award.

The event will take place on Friday January 17, 2020 by following Jason Beem’s twitter account @BeemieAwards.  Follow along the hashtag #BeemieAwards to watch on-demand and join in the conversation.

The Red Carpet begins at 8:30pm EST and the show starts at 9:00pm EST.  The show will be done by 10:45pm EST or as close as we can get.  Little Red Feather Racing Club are the title sponsors, and additional sponsorship also comes from, a virtual horse racing site.

For media inquiries email:

*Gulfstream Park West