Beemie Award for Best Reply goes to @Dawnlupul

I normally don’t want to tie in any of my tweets to Beemie night.  But, well, tonight I will.  Back in July I was at Woodbine and Dawn Lupul had just recently left her post there after a ton of years.  One thing Dawn always did was “The Daily”.  She’d walk around a part of Woodbine, give a little preview of the day.  I missed The Daily, so I decided to do my own.  It was a silly little ode to the great Dawn.  Video can be watched here (click on the pic part)

Ok, kind of silly, people got a kick out of it.   So then the next day.  THE NEXT DAY.  Dawn drops a way funnier, way better produced, just way more awesome video reply.


Just hysterical.  I haven’t laughed at a tweet like I did that video in I don’t know how long.  So congrats to Dawn as she takes home the Beemie Award for Best Reply!

Also for those that watched her video, we haven’t set a date yet, we’re taking things slow.


Beemie Award for Best Quote Tweet goes to @TheMichelleYu

So with many Beemie Awards, this one is a bit of an inside joke for racing folks.  This summer, Holly Smith tweeted a strange story from her Ring Doorbell app about a man walking around in a towel.


Crazy Stuff.  Then Michelle Yu Quote tweeted this with just the best response.


Just hysterical.  I was going to call this the spit take award because when I saw it I almost spit my smoothie I was drinking all over the screen.  Now if you don’t remember, Holly posted this screenshot just days after this report from down at Del Mar.

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 8.28.40 AM

So congrats Michelle, you’re a Beemie Award winner!

Beemie Award for Best Mic Drop goes to @MeganDevineTV

So this one starts out pretty innocuous.  Horseplayer gives Megan some props for helping him turn $9 into $132.  Then Brock shows up, a little chippy, and replies.  Megan gives what I think is kind of a light hearted response, and then Brock takes it up to an 11 and we’re off.


So now we start a little cat and mouse game, back and forth.  Brock leaves a strongly worded message for her to stop RT’ing “Weirdos and Socially Awkward humans” and then Megan drops a beauty on him!


Boom!!  One-time Racetrack Executive CJ Johnsen posted the perfect GIF response


Megan dropped the Mic on that convo and we’re happy to drop a Beemie Award for her!

Beemie Award for Best Photo to Photoshop sponsored by goes to Bodexpress!


So, this really isn’t a photo, it’s actually just a screenshot from the Preakness telecast.  So technically no photog wins the award this year, but that’s fine.  Bodexpress became a household name when at the start of the preakness he dumped his jockey John Velazquez, but kept on running the race.

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 7.36.05 AM

But Bodexpress running free strangely appealed to the internet masses as he became a viral star of sorts.  So we thought it would be fun to have Bode running in all types of situations and thus he’s this years Best Photo to Photoshop!  Here’s Bode vs Usain


The Walking Bode


Bode Cowlings


Black Friday Bode


Bode Gump


And my favorite……Running with the Bodes


Beemie Award for Best Backhanded Compliment goes to @MitchDavid12

It takes some thick skin to be on twitter, especially if you’re in any way in the public eye.  As public handicapper for two legendary tracks, Joe Kristufek certainly has eyeballs on him throughout the year.  Anyone who is on twitter in that public eye will certainly take their share of compliments as well as mean comments.  Just part of the gig.  So go back to November and @MitchDavid12 gave Joe a “compliment,” just maybe the most backhanded one ever.


Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 5.20.31 PM

OUCH!!!  But, for that stinging endorsement, Mitch takes home the Beemie Award for Best Backhanded Compliment!

Beemie Award for Stick to Racing goes to @fatbaldguyracin

#FBG #FBGMobile.  If you follow @Fatbaldguyracin you’ve seen those hashtags a few times over the years.  FBG’s account you’re going to get a mix of horses, college hoops, and group selfies from Keeneland.

But when the Bret Kavanaugh hearings were going on, twitter was certainly a buzz with the proceedings and political ramifications.  And FBG had just had enough!  STICK TO RACING (and music and food)!

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 6.46.49 AM

Ok, now I understand, we all want to see what we care about, but part of the ecosystem of a society or twitter is, putting up with things you don’t want to hear.

BUUUUUUUTTTT……Just a few minutes later, What does FBG do??????


HE RETWEETS SOMETHING ABOUT THE KAVANAUGH HEARING!!  Pot, I’d like to introduce you to kettle!  So for not sticking to racing, FBG has taken home the STICK TO RACING BEEMIE AWARD!!

Beemie Award for Congrats on Your New Job Award goes to @EMD4ME!!

One of life’s great feelings is getting that big job you’ve applied for.  For former Beemie Award winner Ryan Martin, he experienced that joy earlier this year and announced that he’d been hired in the media department at NYRA.  A tremendous achievement and Ryan shared the news with his followers and was greeted with congrats from around the industry.   Including from many horseplayers like @EMD4Me.

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 7.00.51 AM

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more passionate horseplayer than EMD4ME.  Lives and breathes horseplaying and is a very sharp player.  But I have to admit it cracked me up when I saw his actual full tweet to Ryan when he announced his job.


HAHAHA!  Congrats on your new job you don’t start for two weeks, but can you fix this please!  Normally I like to let someone get settled into a new position before I rag on em about something, but EMD wanted shit to get handled!  Ryan was still 1000 miles away from his soon to be new office.  But EMD, he pressed on!


Now I will agree that racing has overall done a poor job catering to the needs of horseplayers.  But tweeting a guy who doesn’t start his job for 2 weeks about stuff, is just pretty hilarious, and it gets @EMD4ME a Beemie Award!!