More Trip videos!

Been a few weeks on the road and I’ve been enjoying getting to make these little travel videos.  Here’s three more from this trip including Bakersfield to Las Vegas.  A day hike at Red Rock Canyon and finally a day at Golden Gate Fields near San Francisco.

VLOG! Touring Buckley and Carbonado, Washington

Took a short drive this morning out to the towns of Buckley and Carbonado, Washington.  There really isn’t too much to them, but each little town has it’s own feel, so it’s fun to go and walk around them.  Carbonado is one of those places that a million people pass by as it’s on the way out to Mt. Rainier National Park.  But you have to pull of the highway to get to the actual town and I can’t imagine many folks actually make the turn.  So here’s a video of the trip as well as a visit to the Carbonado Cemetery, which had graves from all the way back to the mid 1800s.

Road Trip to Twin Lakes and Grand Coulee Dam


What a fun day today.  Took a long road trip (250 miles each way or so!) out to Eastern Washington to Twin Lakes.  Along the way stopped at Soap Lake, Grand Coulee Dam, and Nespelem.  I hadn’t made that trip since 1993 when my Grandpa Chuck passed away.  Twin Lakes was where we spent our summers and it was so fun to go see it.  It looked exactly how it did in my minds eye.  Just beautiful.  I did a vlog of the trip, which you can watch here:


Everyone have a good weekend!

Working on my Youtube Channel

One of the favorite things I’ve learned in recent years is video editing.  I’m still very much a beginner at it, but it is so enjoyable to tell a story using video.  And with Iphones being such a solid camera nowadays, you really can make little movies just with a few clicks.   Personally I just like to document my travels and every so often I’ll go back and watch a video and it’s just fun to be transported back to that time for just a few minutes.  My goal for 2020 on Youtube is to produce multiple videos per month and to grow my subscriber number up to 1,000.   If you want to check out my videos and help get me to my subscriber goal, here’s a link to the channel.

Jason’s Youtube Channel 

There’s lots of videos of visits to horse tracks as well as just personal travel.


Beemie Award for Best Reply goes to @Dawnlupul

I normally don’t want to tie in any of my tweets to Beemie night.  But, well, tonight I will.  Back in July I was at Woodbine and Dawn Lupul had just recently left her post there after a ton of years.  One thing Dawn always did was “The Daily”.  She’d walk around a part of Woodbine, give a little preview of the day.  I missed The Daily, so I decided to do my own.  It was a silly little ode to the great Dawn.  Video can be watched here (click on the pic part)

Ok, kind of silly, people got a kick out of it.   So then the next day.  THE NEXT DAY.  Dawn drops a way funnier, way better produced, just way more awesome video reply.


Just hysterical.  I haven’t laughed at a tweet like I did that video in I don’t know how long.  So congrats to Dawn as she takes home the Beemie Award for Best Reply!

Also for those that watched her video, we haven’t set a date yet, we’re taking things slow.


Beemie Award for Best Quote Tweet goes to @TheMichelleYu

So with many Beemie Awards, this one is a bit of an inside joke for racing folks.  This summer, Holly Smith tweeted a strange story from her Ring Doorbell app about a man walking around in a towel.


Crazy Stuff.  Then Michelle Yu Quote tweeted this with just the best response.


Just hysterical.  I was going to call this the spit take award because when I saw it I almost spit my smoothie I was drinking all over the screen.  Now if you don’t remember, Holly posted this screenshot just days after this report from down at Del Mar.

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 8.28.40 AM

So congrats Michelle, you’re a Beemie Award winner!

Beemie Award for Best Mic Drop goes to @MeganDevineTV

So this one starts out pretty innocuous.  Horseplayer gives Megan some props for helping him turn $9 into $132.  Then Brock shows up, a little chippy, and replies.  Megan gives what I think is kind of a light hearted response, and then Brock takes it up to an 11 and we’re off.


So now we start a little cat and mouse game, back and forth.  Brock leaves a strongly worded message for her to stop RT’ing “Weirdos and Socially Awkward humans” and then Megan drops a beauty on him!


Boom!!  One-time Racetrack Executive CJ Johnsen posted the perfect GIF response


Megan dropped the Mic on that convo and we’re happy to drop a Beemie Award for her!

Beemie Award for Best Photo to Photoshop sponsored by goes to Bodexpress!


So, this really isn’t a photo, it’s actually just a screenshot from the Preakness telecast.  So technically no photog wins the award this year, but that’s fine.  Bodexpress became a household name when at the start of the preakness he dumped his jockey John Velazquez, but kept on running the race.

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 7.36.05 AM

But Bodexpress running free strangely appealed to the internet masses as he became a viral star of sorts.  So we thought it would be fun to have Bode running in all types of situations and thus he’s this years Best Photo to Photoshop!  Here’s Bode vs Usain


The Walking Bode


Bode Cowlings


Black Friday Bode


Bode Gump


And my favorite……Running with the Bodes