Where I write

I’m always fascinated when I talk to other writers, or anyone for that matter, and find out where they do their work.  I’ve heard some interesting answers and think everyone has their own creative space.  I’ve talked to friends who write only in the morning, when their mind is fresh.  I know some people that write only at night, after the kids have gone to bed and they finally have some quiet.  I’ve met writers who only write on the weekends, and some that write everyday.  Some people have their own designated writing room, while others will write from anywhere.

I honestly haven’t found where my perfect writing place is.  So far the answer has been anywhere.  Southbound was written at parts in my living room chair, my bed, my car, my announcer’s booth, school, and my little studio space.  I kind of just kept my laptop handy with me anytime I had some time or had some thoughts and would start typing.  I remember before thanksgiving, I was getting close to finishing the first draft, and I had about three hours until I needed to go to my aunt Sherry’s place.  I was out driving around and pulled up to a Starbucks, and literally just typed and wrote for two straight hours, watching the people come in and out of the Starbucks, with the rain pouring on the windshield.  Not the most comfortable place on earth, but hey it worked.  I now rent out a little studio space close to my house where i’ve been doing most of my writing and reading these days.  It’s a tiny little room, with all white walls, a small window, a heater, and now, a $50 couch.  I like how bland it is.  Some people probably like to have candles, art, and other homey features to help the creative juices flow.  I honestly prefer the bleak setting with no distractions.  It’s a big art studio place, with tons of small studios and people doing art.  The people next to me have a sewing operation.  They seem nice.  Anywhere, that’s where I write.

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